Screen Printing

Since 1999, we have been tirelessly perfecting our in house screen-printing (also called silk screening) process and we take great pride in working with you to bring your ideas to life.

There’s a reason why we’re a trusted partner of businesses across Canada & the US. It’s because we are picky, really picky when it comes to quality. Our high standard of quality means you can trust that you will be getting great quality work, right out of the gate.

Simply put, it all comes down to reliability & service and we are best in class in both areas.

The process uses a screen and ink is pushed through the screen onto the garments. The garment is then put through an industrial conveyor dryer which cures ink onto the garment. Screen printing requires a lot of upfront setup. See the chart for a simplified visual. The first step is to coat the screen with emulsion and allow it to dry. The artwork is converted into a film positive which is then burned onto the screen and the emulsion is then washed out. Once dry the screen is placed into the press and aligned so that your logo is printed in the perfect position. Ink is then applied with a specialized squeegee. This process is repeated for each colour. Pricing is by colour and quantity.  The fewer colours and the more pieces you buy, the cheaper each garment is.

Screen printing is a great way to showcase the name of your company, a team logo or to showcase an event. Screen printing is extremely cost-effective for high-volume orders. Screen printing is extremely durable and should last the lifetime of the shirt without peeling or cracking. Screen printing is also a very practical option for day-to-day uniforms because of the low cost and durability. Our knowledgeable team can help transform your ideas into prints that will look fantastic.

Screen printing can be costly for smaller jobs as the cost for screen printing is all in the front end of the process. Lighter weight material may not be suitable for screen printing due to the temperature that the industrial commercial dryer needs to be set at to properly cure the ink. Graphics that have gradients or very fine details in them can be challenging and don’t always reproduce well as screen-printed images. In some cases, logos need modifications to make them better suited for screen printing. Our team will work with you and your logo to make sure it is optimized for screen printing.

You’ve got your new custom screen-printed apparel & you love it so much you want it to last a
long time. Here’s our recommended garment care instructions to prolong the life of your screen-
printed apparel.

We recommend washing on cold cycle using a mild detergent. Heat can cause fading &
shrinkage of the garment & will degrade the print faster. We also recommend:

– Hanging to dry
– Washing the garment inside out
– Wash with like colors/materials.
– Do not bleach.
– Do not iron the print.

By following these instructions, you should be able to enjoy your custom apparel for years to

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