Screen printing is a process used to ink designs onto a variety of medians.

Screen printing is a great option for light weight materials like performance t-shirts and bags and when you are looking for 1-4 colours.   To understand the process better, look at the diagram beside. 

The process uses a screen and ink is pushed through the screen onto the garments. The garment is then put through a heater which cures ink onto the garment. 

This process is repeated for each colour.Pricing is by colour and quantity.  The fewer colours and the more pieces you buy, the cheaper each garment is. 

Screen printing is a great way to showcase the name of your company, a team logo or to showcase an event. Our knowledgeable staff can help transform your ideas into prints that will look fantastic 

Screen printed custom apparel can also make great gifts for all occasions! Whether it's text, an image, or a logo,  we can make it happen!

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