Heat Transfer

Heat transfers can be ink or vinyl and they are applied to the apparel using a high temperature commercial heat press and pressure to permanently adhere the vinyl onto fabric. Vinyl is the most common material, and the process is often referred to as vinyl transfers for that reason.

We have a state-of-the-art vinyl printer in house that is capable of producing high quality vinyl applications that are much superior to what a home use machine can achieve.

We several kinds of vinyl to create your custom apparel. We offer printable vinyl for a full colour logo or solid colours for things like player names or numbers on a sports uniform. We only use premium vinyl materials. Premium vinyl reduces the feel of the vinyl but will still produce the quality full colour image you are looking for. Printable vinyl can produce multi colour logos at a minimal cost versus screen printing costs. Printable vinyl logos will in some cases have a contour around the logo to match the colour of the garment its going on to minimize visibility of the contour. Logos are created by a large format vinyl printer. They are cured and the excess vinyl is weeded away leaving only the logo. A clear carrier is then put on the logo so it can be transferred to the apparel for application. Ink transfers have the ink logo applied directly to a carrier. The ink is activated by the pressure and heat of the press.

We also offer solid colour vinyl which comes in a myriad of colours and textures to enhance even the simplest of designs. We can even do 3M reflective to keep your team safe.

Ink transfers are a fully custom solution and are ideal for on demand printing when you may not need to have all the garments done at once or need to produce apparel on site at an event.

Let us show you how transfers can work for you.

Transfers are a great choice for smaller orders particularly when the logo has many colours and screen printing isn’t practical. It can also go in places that typical screen printing doesn’t go, allowing for many custom options.

Vinyl is the best choice for personalization on sports uniforms and can be very cost effective for other types of personalization. Vinyl transfers work very well on polyester garments as well as cotton garments and blends. Vinyl is a great solution for technical garments like waterproof apparel which can lose its effectiveness when embroidered. We can use vinyl transfers on jackets, polos, t-shirts, bags, sports jerseys and many other unique pieces including soft side coolers, beer koozies and much more. Do you have something you’d like customized with vinyl? Contact us today.

Better suited to simpler designs; complex, multi-coloured designs are better accomplished with DTG, screen printing or embroidery. 

Certain types of fabric are easier to decorate than others.  Synthetic and semi-synthetic materials ‒ like polyester, spandex, rayon, and nylon ‒ bring their own unique challenges. We are experienced in working with these materials and would be happy to recommend a solution that will work for your unique vision. 



You’ve got your new custom printed apparel & you love it so much you want it to last a long
time. Here’s our recommended garment care instructions to prolong the life of your printed

We recommend turning the garment inside out and washing on cold cycle using a mild
detergent and no fabric softener. Heat can cause fading & shrinkage of the garment & will
degrade the print faster. We also recommend:

– Do not dry clean
– Hanging to dry
– Wash with like colors/materials.
– Do not bleach.
– Do not iron the print.

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