What is an e-store?
A custom, personalized and secure PCI compliant online e-commerce site selling your branded apparel.

Why do I need one?
Organizing, taking orders and collecting from a group can start to feel like a part time job in and of itself, so we are making it easier for you. When people order direct, there are fewer errors in sizing and spelling as they will communicate with us directly.

Who can create one?
Businesses, Teams, School, Community Groups, virtually anyone who has the rights to authorize the reproduction of a design or logo.

What do I have to do?
You choose the apparel styles and decoration that you want people to be able to buy. Then you can simply re-direct your team, students, fellow volunteers, or virtually anyone you want, to place their order at their convenience on our secure e-commerce site. Orders will be collected, processed and paid for online and we will call you when everything is ready for pickup or we can have it delivered to your door. All you need to do is distribute the merchandise. We only ask that you establish ordering `time blocks` for your group so we can make and deliver all your merchandise at the same time. Most groups have 3-4 windows per year but we will work with you to establish what will work nest for you.

Is there a fee?
Absolutely not. We will set up and manage your e-store at no charge and we will even do up to 30 minutes of set up and artwork at no charge. If your graphic design is more complex than we can do in 30 minutes, we will let you know before hand so there are no surprises.