Carbon Fibre Broom



The Goldline Carbon Fibre curling brush has won more Slams, National Championships, World Championships and Olympic medals than any other brush. Sweeping tests demonstrate that the balanced combination of light weight, strength, and Norway Pad make it an extremely effective brush.

You should consider the Goldine Carbon Fibre brush if you are into sweeping and aware of the influence of weight and pad construction.

Our carbon fibre brushes are 100% carbon fibre, and that means they are light. They are not a composite of carbon fibre and fibreglass, like our less expensive Fibrelite brushes are. They are available in two handle sizes – 1” which is generally but not always used by women, and 1 1/8” which is generally, but not always used by men.

The 1” handle weighs 170 grams, whereas the 1 1/8” handle weighs 200 grams. – in both cases much lighter than some other handles on the market which claim to be 100% carbon fibre. In curling the equation is pretty simple – the lighter the brush, the faster you sweep, and the more effective your efforts.

The Goldline Carbon Fibre brush is equipped with the renowned NORWAY PAD. Take a close look at televised events – it is the overwhelming choice of competitive curlers. The plastic part of the brush head incorporates a universal joint which permits it to rotate a full 360 degrees as well as a full sliding bar to facilitate a stable delivery.

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