These are Top Picks for must have curling supplies for the 2015-2016 season:

  • Norway Pads
    The Norway Pad is the next generation of brush pads. Utilizing M-Brush Technology this brush pad increases effectivity, decreases the amount of energy needed for sweeping and lasts for a whole game without getting wet. The Norway Pad is a newly developed extra firm, waterproof pad offering less resistance on the ice surface. Due to it’s unique construction it ‘polishes’ rather then breaking down ice pebble, allowing the curler an increased frequency of sweeping while expending less energy.
  • Quantum E Shoes
    Quantum E Curling Shoes were added to the Quantum line in 2015. They feature man-made uppers that provide comfort and warmth at an affordable price. Quantum shoes feature a disc based slider system and are worn by elite curlers such as Brad Jacobs, Kaitlyn Lawes and Alina Paetz. Every pair of Quantum Shoes will ship with one set of gripper discs, but you must also select a set of Quantum Slider Discs to complete your order.
  • Fiberlite Brooms
    The Fiberlite is a composite of 35% carbon fiber and 65% fibreglass. It is 30% lighter than traditional fibreglass brushes. Similar compositions are found in high end golf shafts – the objective being optimal strength with minimal weight. Lighter brushes are easier to push and therefore more effective. The main variable in terms of weight if the handle. There are basically four types of handle available. From heaviest to lightest these are wood, fibreglass, composite (a mixture of fibreglass and carbon fibre), and pure carbon fiber. Given today’s advanced materials, wood and 100% fibreglass (over 400 gms) are simply too heavy. Goldline offers composite and carbon fiber, each differentiated by weight and price. The handle weights are shown below;
    1″ Handle: 270g
    1 1/8″ Handle: 300gThe fiberlite broom is now available in the newest colour Alpine!! This was a hit in our trial colour choices! Get yours while they are still in stock!
  • Safety Headwear
    Head First Protective headgear is designed to reduce the possibility of injury resulting from a fall onto the back of the head. The unique aspect of the Head First product is that the protective element is incorporated into popular hat styles. The key component within the protective element is expanded polystyrene (EPS), the same material used in bicycle helmets. The EPS is sandwiched between a thin polycarbonate outer shell and an inner layer of foam. In the event of a fall deceleration is managed as the EPS is crushed. The protective element was tested to hockey standards and exceeded requirements on all tests. the protective element is housed within a zippered pocket in each style of hat, facilitating removal for washing or replacement. Each hat is designed to fit snug on the head such that it won’t fall off in the event of a fall.
  • Grippers
    The Goldline gripper has been a high quality staple item for us. Sure footing on the ice and protecting the slider off the ice. You can’t go wrong! This high quality gripper is available in 2 colours; black and hot pink! Check out our store to get yourself one of these!

We offer the highest quality curling equipment and curling supplies from great brands such as Goldline and Edge Curling.